About Us

About Us

About Rita Blanca Resources LLC

The story of Rita Blanca Resources LLC begins with a shared passion for the oil and gas industry and a collective desire to make a lasting impact. Our journey as partners started separately as we operated oil and gas wells, acquired mineral interest and leasehold, and even operated oil and gas water assets. Through our experiences, we gained valuable experience and insights into the industry.

Prior to founding Rita Blanca Resources LLC, our team had worked for renowned service companies and even a drilling and completion consulting firm. In these roles, the partners, separately, were surrounded by the development and implementation of hydraulic fracturing procedures, which have since revolutionized the oil and gas industry, particularly in major shale oilfields across the nation. This experience shaped our understanding of the industry’s evolving landscape and solidified our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge techniques to maximize production potential.

Years ago, after selling our respective oil and gas assets, we joined forces as partners with a common mission. By combining our strengths and expertise, we embarked on a new venture, focusing on acquiring mineral interests and non-operating working interests in the Anadarko Basin, Permian Basin, as well as other basins in the lower 48. As a team, we have successfully built a portfolio and established ourselves as a reputable player in the industry.

​Drawing from our collective experiences, we understand the transformative power of modern completion techniques. Guided by this knowledge, we have set our sights on older oilfields that still hold significant reserves, waiting to be tapped. Our vision was to create an exploration and production company that would leverage advanced completion techniques to unlock these reserves and capture substantial portions of untapped energy resources.

Today, Rita Blanca Resources LLC stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication and extensive knowledge in the field. With a strong foundation and a dynamic team, we continue to explore, innovate, and unlock the hidden wealth within oilfields, contributing to the energy demands of the present while maintaining our commitment to environmental stewardship.


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